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Can you finish the Hat Corp rule?

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Forced Order
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RuleMissing Word
________ Apologise
Don't Ask ________
Don't ______ Others
_______ All The Rules
Remember _____
Always Offend ______(in the best and most inventive way possible)
Always _____ your insults
Always _____ your threat
Never Yawn, Only _______
_______ Can't Say The Rules
Shut Your **** Mouth, _____
Do The _____ For Us
_____ Know Where You're Going Before You Go
Everything You Think It _____ Is Probably What It _____ It Isn't
If We Own It, They'll Be _____ Versions Of It
RuleMissing Word
Have the Perfect Number of Blocks for the ____ ____ You Are Trying to Type
If It's Not _____, It Is _____
Il____imate Has the Word _____ in It
If You Play a Level Twice, Make a ____ about It (More Like: 'If You Use the Same Number Twice, **** You Trott!')
Whistle a _____ Tune When Satisfied with Progression in Hat Corp (and End with a Nice Flare)
Don't Remember the _______
The ______ Don't Matter
______ All Rules until This Point
Everything Can Be ______ in Hat Corp
Read the Rules ___________
Always Have Some Form of ______ during the Winter
Ross _____ Bronze
Hat Corp Doesn't ______
Always Enter the _____ Again

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