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Who puts randy orton in a cage?
Who gets caught with a sandwich in the movie theater?
Who is the machanic?
Who originally has the wwe championship?
Who does randy orton go after on top of a mountain?
Who was locked inside of a safe?
Who manages the movie theater?
Who yells out that kane likes rainbow sprinkles?
Who comes in wanting to take kanes job?
What keeps attacking the villian every where he goes?
Who runs the coffee shop?
Who fights mark henry over pizza?
Who does kane fight with over a recipe?
Who teams up to go after the finisher?
Who sells Italian ice next to cm punks ice cream stand?
Who is poppy penguin?
Who comes in the greesy lube and demands cena to fix his car?
Who is the crossing guard?
Who steals the wwe championship?
Who trys taking mysterios job?
Who tries to steal the tip jar from punk?
Who does stone cold frezze with his stone cold coffee?
Who is the zoo keeper?
Who was the villian?
Who is the lunch lady?
Who comes into the coffee shop to use the bathroom?
Who does orton first put into a cage?
Who teams up to go after the penguin who stole the pizza?
Who comes into the coffee shop asking for stone cold coffee?
Who is the Ice Cream man?

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