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The Viper
The Game
The 9th Wonder of the World
British Bulldog
The Canadian Crippler
The Hot Rod
Mr No Days Off
The lethal Weapon
The Dreadlocked Dynamo
The Big Valbowski
The New Face of Desolation
The Brain
Shane O'Mac
The Wrestling God
The worlds largest love machine
The Man that Gravity Forgot
The American Dream
The Punjabi Playboy
The Chosen One
The Rated R Superstar
Sexual Chocolate
Latino Heat
The Brahma Bull
The Hardcore Legend
The Rattlesnake
The King
Dogface Gremlin
The Masterpiece
The Body
The Quintessential WWE Diva
The One Man Band
The Blackpool Brawler
The Big Guy
Savior of the Unwashed Masses
The Powerhouse
The Nature Boy
The Ultimate Underdog
Mr Wonderful
The New Face of Fear
The Glamazon
The Man Of 1,004 Holds
The Champ
The Anti Diva
The Funkasaurus
The Heartbreak Kid
The Billion dollar princess
The Nature Girl
Mr Perfect
The Goldstandard
Macho Man
The Walrus
The Lose Cannon
Big Papa Pump
The King of Harts
The Mastodon
The Architect
The Man of 1,000 Holds
The A Lister
The Samoan Bulldozer
The Bad Guy
The Shaman of Sexy
The Icon
The Anvil
The Real Deal
The Immortal
The Phenom
The Bulgarian Brute
The Straight Edge Superstar
The Mexican Aristocrat
The Giant
1-2-3 Kid
Big Red
The Dragon
The Million dollar man
Mr Ass
Road Dogg
The First Lady of Wrestling
The Bona-Fide Diva
The Living Legend
The Lunatic Fringe
The Model
The Mouth of the South
The Bizzare one
The Hitman
The Beast from the East
The New Face of Destruction
The All American American
The Ravishing Russian
Long Island Iced Z
The 8th Wonder of the World
The Greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time
The Black Widow
The Whole F'n Show
The Showoff
The Queen of Harts
The Devils Favorite Demon
The Boss
The Swiss Superman
The Celtic Warrior
El Matador
Lass Kicker
The Moscow Mauler
Charismatic Enigma
The Hammer
The King of Flight
The American Dragon

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