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Forced Order
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'I've been bitten, you stupid pricks'
'Maybe this isn't a world for children anymore'
'dale, get the hell out. I dont want you here.'
'you have some balls for a chinaman'
'You're a farmer, Hershal'
'i'm just a man looking for his wife and son'
'i shot my mom. she was out. hadn't turned'
'delivered pizza why?'
'welcome to woodsbury'
'I ain't gonna sit here while this fella takes this on alone'
'Nah, I can shoot. Just don't like to'
'People with nothing to hide dont usually feel the need to say so'
'i could use a vacation. get away. just for a weekend'
'toughest **** i ever met, My Brother'
'He's already given me fleas'
'you people are like a pleague'
'Don't take that out of faith. He's lost a lot of blood'
'We were trying to do something good'
'Hey walker bait'
This is the Lord's House'
'Otis Died a Hero'
'Call that payback for laughing about my itchy ass'
'Dale, you think Andrea's on her period'
'There's us and the dead.'
'A machete with with a red handle. That I'm gonna use to kill you.'
'you wanted your brother now you got him'
'Everyone in hell want a slurpee'
'Shoot me again? You best pray im dead'
'i knew you were up all night reading comics with a flashlight'
'And your a black sheep Merle'

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