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Who is the show's main charater?
Who is the main charater's best friend?
Where does the show take place?
Who is from Texas?
Who owns the Chum Bucket?
Who owns the Krusty Krab?
What does the main charater live in?
What is the main charater's pet name?
Who is the main charater's Driving teacher?
Who live's in between the main charater and His Best friends?
What is the beach's name?
Who is the main charater's favorite superhero?
Who is the main charater's favorite sidekick?
What is the main character's favorite food?
Who is the Weight Lifting Lobster?
Who is the owner of The Krusty Krab's Daughter?
What is the main character's favorite Hobby?
What color is the main Character?
Who is the main Character's Biggest fan?
What is the ghost name?
What is the main Character's Line While Running to Work?
What shape is the main character?
Who is the Main Character's favorite Superhero's Arch Enemy?
Who is the Cashier's Worst Enemy?
Who is The Talking Computer?

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