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What does Jack Usually always Wear?
What year was Jack Born?
Who is Jack Best Friend?
What Game Did Jack Play That Annoyed him So Very Much?
Who Is Jacksepticeye's Youtube Boyfriend?
What Poster does Jack see in the Christmas Shopper Simulator?
What was Jack's First Intro?
Where Does Jack Live?
Where is Jack's Girlfriend From?
Who Has Jack play Dead by Daylight With?
Who Proposed Mark or Jack?
Who Knew Jacks real Name without Him Telling Them?
Who is Jack's Worst Enemy?
What is Jacksepticeye's Real Name?
What Game Does Jack Play Where he likes to be a can?
What Challenge did Jack Do at the 700,000 Subscribers milestone?
What Does Jack Want us to do to the Like Button?
Who is Jack Mostly Scared of FNOF?
What Did Jack Do At the End of a Good Husband?
Who did Jack have a battle of wits with?
Who was Jack Most Excited to Have Follow him?
What game did Jack say was The Game Of The Year?
What Color is Jack's Hair?
When will Happy Wheels End?
Who Roasted Jacksepticeye?
Who is Jack's Favorite Superhero?
What Planet is Jack From?
In Undertale who did Jack Like Doing The Voice of the most?
What Given all around?
Speed is?
What is Jack Intro?
Who Are These Jackseptieye Characters From? Bobby Billy Harry Willy Steve Betty

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