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QUIZ: Can you name the Freddy,Jason,chucky, or jigsaw trivia?

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Forced Order
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Who was played by Tobin Bell
Who was killed by a gun shot but put his soul in a good guy doll
Who has a kill count of 42 victims
Who uses a weird dressed up doll
Who wears a red and green stripped shirt
Who plays in Child's Play
Who was played by Warrington Gillette, Steve Daskewisz, Richard Brooker, Ted White, Tom Morga, C. J. Graham, Kane Hodder, Ken Kirzinger, and Derek Mears
Who killed Brittany spears(Britney Spears)
Who kills you for being a bad person
Who uses torture games to kill people
Who killed Glen Lantz(Johnny Depp)
Who has a kill count of 40 victims
Who is afraid of water
Who kills you in your sleep
Who uses a kitchen knife to kill people
Who was played by Robert England
Who was killed by a power saw
Who wants to be your friend to kill you
who Killed William Easton(Peter Outerbridge)
Who plays in Friday th 13th
Who has his soul in a doll
Who was played by Brad Dourif
Who wears a hockey mask
Who Was drowned to death
Who Uses a machete to kill people
Who has a kill count of over 300 victims
Who Was killed by being burnt alive
Who Uses knives as fingers to kill people
Who kills you at Camp Crystal Lake
Who Plays in Saw
Who has a kill count of 30 victims
Who killed Alice Hardy(Adrienne King)
Who plays in Nightmare on elm street

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