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'Your a pretty little square'
'There aint nothin the matter with my face'
'you sang with the squares, now sing with the drapes'
'Go to the man who loves you the most'
'Your too young to learn about the walker family past'
'I can sing better than cry baby anyday'
'Its not a school night and ive been a good girl'
'They are people too they just look different'
'mom i swiped 6 hubcaps like a big girl'
'The first thing cry baby girls realize is our bazooms are our weapons'
'Hey hatchetface you think cry baby has blue balls for the chick'
'I'm a teenager i wanna live'
'This is a jailbreak'
'You scar me cry-baby'
'ya ya ya ya'
'Scrape part square part drape'
'But thats all we have'
'Turkey point is open for business'
'Dont worry about my face it didnt hurt much'
'Will you get me the **** outta here'

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