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Do you know Sha??

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What is his real name?
What is his last real name?
Lets talk a stroll in the... 
What does he like to play?
It's dying 
What game mode does he love?
You're dumb if you don't know 
How did he get the username Shalightning26?
It's a TV show 
What does the number represent in the username?
Yeah no hints 
What is the #1 thing Sha does when offline?
People say I do this alot 
What else can you find Sha doing when he's offline.
Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Gray, Erza, and Gajeel 
What is Evan?
ummmm... sorry again 
Zach is...
Could be awesome but didn't have the space 
Paul is a...
Jacob is who?
What game could you find those answers in?
It's a SIGN!! 
What did Sha help Zach get?
I slaved to get him that 
If Sha was to change his name what would it be?
Kik username 

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