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What type of WWII prison camp was Dwight's grandfather inA
Dundee given to PhyllisB
Has 9 toesC
(lyric from Dwight's sailing on the booze cruse) 'What do you do with a ?? sailor, what do you do with a ?? sailor'D
HBO show michael forces the office to watch E
Icelandic paperbox snowshoe racingF
Kevin's name for Oscar's vacationG
HR person hazed with a racoon in their carH
Warehouse machinery Michael and Dwight try to steal from KarenI
'You're 6'11' and weigh 90 lbs'J
New HR rep thinks he is retardedK
One of Michael's welcoming videosL
Weapon Dwight used on RoyM
Branch Holly transferred toN
Play Dwight participated in in 7th grade as Mutey the Mailman (they ran our of characters and everyone had to be involved)O
As Angela nicely puts it as her name, 'the office mattress'P
What is Creed's job titleQ
Dwight's Earth Day aliasR
New company that buys Dunder MifflinS
Michael's screen-play found in his officeT
Town where Karen is managerU
Jim's team name for the beach games, much to Dwight's dismayV
Drug Dwight finds in the parking lot. Michael claims to have tried some of it at an Alicia Keys concertW
just put the letter in until a question can be foundX
Michael's Christmas exchange ideaY
Agent Michael Scarn's secret lover in his play, Captain...Z

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