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Can you name the countries of Africa from these crypric clues?

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Loner easier to break
Safari touch organised
Destroy bid containing university race
For example, pity is lost without one
Leaders of Zulus and Matabeles born in Africa?
American Lawyer in English Press?
Seen out with American girl?
Uprising in Biscayne Key?
An American take-away?
A sound shut out
Cloak of Venetian green?
Hotel so revolting!
'Urban oaf ski-accident'
Airing out last grievance inside
Turbulent reign
Continue talking!
I use atrium without energy for experiment
Voice editor edited!
One's in a trauma in trauma
Staysail not working? 501 Romans surround it
A cad tempers opinion and re-works
Heartless, raw and awful, initially
Bailout surrounds mathematical unknown
Two articles about one after beats, we hear
Concerning the people who come from the river?
Bishop is half-sauced after receiving old coin
Mini-baa? That's misspelled
Translate Braille so that 'I' replaces 'L'?
Insane to put a halogen, say by vehicle
Make the same assumption initially about our ailing calamity
First conman tricked
Hang out with First Admiral
Song about broken leg
Opiate haze swallows greeting
Therefore, North African nation is Africa's first
Company is almost down
After heading South West I ground, surrounding first and last characters
Mother goes to Californian city and Caribbean Islands?
Criminal's routine to shorten African nation for the Spanish - what?!
Moron tangles with Ace
Is one swallowed by fish?
Gracious after losing Head General
Speak to molluscs, so its said
Swan-boat sunk?
Graduate at 51?
Master of Business Administration puts web out at Zone Industrielle?
Queen has one reward reduced
Morocco pledge to curb chieftain riots
Awful bath image!
Second firm surrounds kingless stone
Grunion began with odd characters
Hang Olaf! Remove head and foot!
You look, we hear
Important continental democracy

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