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Can you name the countries of Asia from these cryptic clues?

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Sounds like what would follow Line 7?
Assyrian prisoner?
Disciple wishes
Ones trapped in another country
Sounds like Cravat World?
Julius Caesar, say, loses his head
First and last letters to queen precedes prohibition securing one german's approval
In Paris, my turn to raise trouble
Obama and CID working together?
Nigerian city loses heart
I managed
Modifying khaki, mostly, containing aquaquartz shell, with laurel
As Lark in spring
Endless spin is important
Bosnia-and-Herzegovina starts to downpour
You old chaps!
Aunt bikes around, holding final letter
I want a rewrite!
Type of blanket on which I stand endlessly
Intone a modest sound
Soviet name-caller withheld
First of Kazakhs younger relations gave Yeltsin zeal, so treaties are needed
Bahrain diamonds kept within!
He hurries, it's said
French saint takes short road
Is 'The Return of the King'?
Men surround daughter, four
Man Mary disturbed
Brewed IPA stank!
What's inside Argentine palace?
Ban hut demolition
Shout out, surprisingly ok about article
Facial feature is anatomical first
Put question to revolutionary organisation
Bad French unknown in the continent
Song transfixes males
Asia minor males rub out stain
Confused Limo Tester
Forbid happy emotions, initially: quiet!
Thanks girl holding one king with one saint
Question a sailor
Aria aids tuba recital, without first trombone
Together with Maria, berates organiser
Yes, German, look for gold!
Errant hook misplaced
Brown state?
Half of brute's neighs
Bale out? The French say 'no'!

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