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oneureun kkok malhaeya hal tende soril nael suga eopseo (NCTU)
ppallippalli pihae Right Cherry bomb feel it yum (NCT127)
neowa nan highway to heaven hamkke itneun igoshi cheongugin geol (NCT127)
haetbit araero So what We hot... (NCTDream)
urin i gibuneul jeulgyeo neukkyeo every time nal nochin aedeuregen jebal stop hitting my line (NCT127)
nae soneul jaba woneul geuryeo i mankeum nanwo gajin geojanha (NCTU)
apado gwaenchana saranghagi ttaemune (WHO SINGS IT?)
Stay oh neowa na jigeum idaero Baby touch me neol neukkil su isseo (NCT127)
naega eodi isseodo kkumsogeseodo Oh naegen neoppuniya (NCTDream)
My baby don’t like it When you come around (NCT127)
We be screaming GO (GO) GO GO (GO) (NCTDream)
oneulbam neowa na modu da ppajeodeulji eonjedeun dallyeoga sobangcha You can call me (NCT127)
nogeul geol ne mameun Ice cream (NCTDream)
Girl you’re just mine mine (NCT127)
Don’t you know I’m a naega neol ikkeuneun boss (NCTU)
It’s dripping love love Dripping dripping love love (NCTDream)
You know what I’m talking about baby Wake up right now, you gotta wakey! (NCT127)
This is time to be stronger buditchilsurok deo Stronger (NCTDream)
Baby baby I just feel so right Baby I just feel so nice (NCTU)
When we dream it We can be the one go (NCTDream)
We will make it mirai o make it (NCT127)
Look time flies We fly byeonhwawa taiming (NCTDream)
We’ll take it slow Baby, baby we’ll take it slow (NCTU)

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Tags:NCT, NCT 127, NCT 2018, NCT Dream, NCT U

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