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Can you name the members of the Kong family as well as their animal buddies??

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hint about the animal buddiesKong family Membergame first introduced
Rumored to be the original Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong's girlfriend
2000 pound lowland gorilla
DK's best friend and sidekick
Diddy Kong's girlfriend
no hint needed... right?
the son of the original DK
owns his own airline service as well as a weapons merchant
just a li'l tot
wait, when did orangutan come into the series?
the smallest of all kong! least when she debuted
the original's wife
hosts a quiz show
The Rhinocerous
The Swordfish
hint about the animal buddiesKong family Membergame first introduced
The Parrot
Another version of the same parrot
Yet another parrot
The Spider
The Frog
The Rattlesnake
The Anglerfish
The Seal
The Elephant
The Parallel Bird
The Wildebeest
The Flying Squirrel
The Killer Whale
The Ostrich

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