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Oldest civilization in America
Where Democracy was created
Wealthy African nation that was ruled by Mansa Musa
This is where the Italian Renaissance began
1st Caribbean country to achieve independence
Founded between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
Invaded by Hitler prior to WWII
Native American Civilization that was taken over by Hernan Cortes
New nation created for the Jews after WWII
Native American Civilization that established Machu Picchu
Ancient Civilization founded along the Nile River
This civilization switched from a Republic to an Empire when Julius Caesar took over
Area known as the 'Powder Keg of Europe'
Asian Empire whose civilization revolved around horses
WWII Conference where the Big 3 agreed on new borders for Europe
Western Roman Empire
Civilization founded along the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers
Eastern most of the Gunpowder empires
New name for Russia
African nation where ethnic cleansing took place

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