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Forced Order
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acting in the exact opposite to their unconscious desires (Homophobic republicans having gay sex)
group of personality theories that focus on human growth and potential rather than on mental disorder (focus on functioning of individual rather than past events)
disorder where one has an exaggerated sense of self
information not attended to at the moment (can be made conscious)
a projective test requiring subjects to describe what they see in inkblots (not loved in psychology community)
compromise among id desires and superego demands
five factors (a)
instincts/animal drives
internalized rules of society
weighing risks and benefits
five factors (c)
forgetting, ejecting from conscious (basis of all the rest)
disorder where one is instable and impulsive
immediate gratification
move to earlier developmental behavior to deal with stress (Wet pants, cry, throw things, hide in stressful situations)
giving socially acceptable reasons for actions based on motives they believe to be unacceptable ('everyone cheats')
shifting your reaction from your real source of your distress to a safer objection or person (Boss makes you angry, so you yell at roommate)
projective test requiring subjects to make up stories that explain ambiguous pictures
avoiding a difficult situation by denying its existence (“I don’t have a problem” )
what we are thinking about at the moment
personality assessment instrument based on Freud’s ego defense mechanism of projection
five factors (n)
information unavailable to conscious awareness
ego defends itself against conflicts and anxiety, pushes unpleasant thoughts to unconscious
channeling sexual or aggressive desires in a socially acceptable way (Mozart writing music, Gates starting microsoft)
addition to the unconscious, a reservoir for instinctive memories shared by people everywhere
four body fluids control personality by their relative abundance (blood, phlegm, black bile, yellow bile), according to ancient theory
multiple stable personality characteristics (moody, friendly, smart)
attributing own fears and unconscious desires to other people or objects (Cheating boyfriend tells his girlfriend she cheats)
trait personality suggesting that personality is composed of five fundamental personality dimensions
five factors (o)
Behavior caused by motivations outside consciousness that are frequently in conflict (slips of the tongue)
five factors (e)
widely used personality assessment instrument that gives scores on ten important clinical traits
condition involving a chronic, pervasive, inflexible and maladaptive pattern of thinking, social relationships, emotion or impulse control
disorder where one is lack conscience and a sense of responsibility to others (sociopath)

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