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CategoryMost Results are forNumber of Results given
Member of the Beatles12,800,000
South American Country307,000,000
Colour of the Rainbow1,040,000,000
Harry Potter book151,000,000
Balearic Island33,600,000
Actor who has played James Bond3,190,000
Member of 'The Simpsons' family4,220,000
Number between 0 and 915,500,000,000
UK Prime-minister of the 21st Century9,120,000
CategoryMost Results are forNumber of Results given
Month of the Year3,210,000,000
Day of the Week417,000,000
Planet in the Solar System367,000,000
Member of the Osbourne Family6,740,000
Playing card suit183,000,000
Wife of Henry VIII1,210,000
Compass direction826,000,000
Spice Girl by nickname498,000
Son or Daughter of Queen Elizabeth II (by name)47,400,000
Author of the four Gospels816,000,000

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