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Can you name the Beatles songs featuring the famous people mentioned?

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Famous NameSongFamous for being...
Mr Wilson & Mr HeathFormer British Prime Ministers
Pablo FanqueBritain's first black circus proprietor
Edgar Allan PoeAmerican writer, poet, editor and literary critic
The QueenReference to Her Majesty Elizabeth II
The QueenReference to Her Majesty Elizabeth II
The QueenReference to Her Majesty Elizabeth II
Captain MarvelFictional comic book superhero
PaulPaul McCartney, Beatle
Famous NameSongFamous for being...
RingoRingo Starr, Beatle
GideonJudge of the Hebrews whose name was used by the organization dedicated to distributing copies of the Bible
(Bob) DylanThe song refers to Dylan's Mr Jones, protagonist in Dylan’s classic 'Ballad Of A Thin Man'.
Sir Walter RaleighEnglish Explorer and Aristocrat
Peter BrownAmerican Businessman, former President and CEO of the Robert Stigwood Organisation
Chairman MaoChinese revolutionary, political theorist and communist leader
B.B. King, Doris Day & Matt BusbyAmerican blues guitarist and singer-songwriter/American Actress & Singer/Scottish football player and manager

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