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Can you name the character, complete the quote, and answer these questions about FRIENDS?

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Forced Order
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What did Phoebe get Monica and Chandler as a wedding present?
What address does Chandler give to Janice in Yemen?
What is the name of Rachel's attempted erotic novel?
When the gang played poker, Rachel beat Ross. What hand did she have?
Complete the quote: 'And officiating in tonight's blackout is _______.'
Joey set Phoebe up with Mike. Who did Phoebe set Joey up with?
Complete Phoebe's song: 'The food here at Javu, _________'
How old was Monica when she first learned how to tell time?
When David proposed to Phoebe, he bought her a ring. How many carats was it?
Who was Chandler stuck in an ATM vestibule with?
Which Friend worked at a Dairy Queen?
Marcel starred in a commercial for which brand of beer?
After Ross gave Mona a key to his apartment, what did he do?
What did Mike threaten to change his name to?
What nationality is Alessandro from Alessandro's?
What are the names of Monica and Chandler's children?
What did Monica call her kiss from Chip Matthews?
What was the name of Pete Becker's personal trainer?
Ross called Paolo a huge what?
When Chandler had a mustache, he reminded Monica and Ross of whom?
What did Ross and Monica's grandmother steal from restaurants?
What's Joey's agent's name?
When Mr. Treeger calls Chandler and Joey 'chick' and 'duck,' what does Chandler call him in return?
When Chandler asks Kathy if she wants to sit in the canoe, where does he say he likes it?
Which of the Friends struggles with others thinking he's gay?
Who thought it would be a good idea to sell ice on the internet?
When Monica catered for her mom, what did she lose in one of the quiches?
Name one of the men Aurora was involved with while she dated Chandler.
When Joey was playing Al Pacino's butt, what emotion was he trying to express?
What is Rachel's actual favorite movie?
What is Joey's dad's mistress's name?
What was Monica's nickname when she was a field hockey goalie?
Ross went to a childhood therapist because recurring nightmares about what?
What rumor did Will and Ross start about Rachel in high school?
In Vegas, Ross explains to Phoebe what lurkers are. What does she originally fear them to be?
What was the name of the bridesmaid Joey hooked up with in London?
Who did Phoebe's fake boyfriend Vikrum used to date?
How many times did Ross say that he and Rachel had sex while dating?
What is Drake Ramoray's evil twin brother's name?
What is Phoebe's preferred answer to the question, 'What is your favorite thing about trees?'
Name one of the songs that Ross and Chandler's band, Way No Way, wrote in college.
Phoebe's twin sister Ursula works at which restaurant?
Phoebe thought she slept with Ralph Lauren, but who did she really sleep with?
When planning a surprise birthday party for Rachel, what items does Monica put Phoebe in charge of?
What does Rachel's sorority sister Melissa do for a living?
What was the profession of Joey's imaginary friend, Maurice?
Dr. Timothy Burke, Monica's on-call eye doctor, was so cute, what did Rachel debate jamming in her eye?
When Janice divorced her husband, what did he slash because he was so depressed?
What did Ross say a pashmina was?
What does 'WENUS' stand for?

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