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Red giant in the constellation Cetus
Cartoonist Gross
1980's TV detective Houston
Volcanic crater
Jazz pianist Allison
Conservative political columnist Charen
Wizard - caster of spells
Big name in faucets
'Beetle Bailey' and 'Hi and Lois' creator Walker
Flirt, in old slang
'__ 18' (Leon Uris novel)
Jazz keyboardist Saunders
Less, in music
Self-referential, in modern lingo
French film director Allegret
Author Peter ('Serpico' 'Underboss')
Whirl or turn ceaselessly
Pioneering women's rights activist Lucretia
'The __ Love' (Gershwin song)
Miss Muller of a John Greenleaf Whittier poem
Entomb in a wall
Japanese soup - high-protein paste
French for death
'Momma' cartoonist Lazarus
'La Boheme' heroine
French for husband
Ancient city in modern day Turkey; home of St. Nicholas
Hawaiian honey eater
Nuclear missile
__ court (law school exercise)
Con __ (rather fast, in music)
Hired soldier, in slang
Homer Simpson's mom
19th Century educator Horace
Mother of Hermes - eldest of the Pleiades
Number on a new-car sticker (abbr)
French for but
Marisa's 'My Cousin Vinny' role
Celtic language
Balthasar, Caspar, and Melchior
'Who's the Boss?' mother
Basketball player Carmelo Anthony's nickname
Work hard - drudge
The south of France
Maurice Chevalier's theme song
Nickname of the Spice Girls' Sporty Spice
St. __ (French seaport)
Pulitzer-winning poet Van Duyn
Future doctor's exam
British dame pianist Hess
Mr. __, John P. Marquand detective (Peter Lorre played him)
Retailer R.H. __
Newsman Roger
Boundary between the earth's crust and mantle
Billy famous for infomercials
Open-back shoe; bedroom slipper
Japanese merchant ship
'The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas' woman
Novelist Thomas ('Death in Venice' 'Doctor Faustus')
American fashion designer Jacobs
Bond type, briefly
French for noon
German for moon
1950's TV comedy/drama starring Peggy Wood
1987 Masters winner Larry
Mindbender of 'Catch-22'
Word on a wall in Daniel (literally 'numbered')
__ Groening - creator of 'The Simpsons'
Novelist Simpson ('Anywhere But Here' 'Off Keck Road')
Big name in Champagne
Spanish surrealist Joan ('Harlequin's Carnival' 'Blue II')
High-ranking NCO
Drudge of 'The Drudge Report'
Pulitzer dramatist Connelly ('The Green Pastures')
Utah town
Southern Filipino
Spicy chocolate sauce
Olympic swimmer Biondi
Kind of bean
Jazz vibraphonist Jackson
Art Spiegelman's Pulitzer-winning graphic novel
Basketball Hall-of-Famer Harshman (collegiate coach in Washington)
Austrian physicist with an eponymous number
Row of stables; residential alley, in Britian
__ Harker, wife in Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'
Unit of cultural information
All-Star third baseman Melvin
German architect __ van der Rohe
Poetic pond
Chicago exchange, for short
Goya's 'The Naked __'
Ancient kingdom of Jordan (OT)
Sister of Lazarus, in the Bible
Jerry Herman musical - Broadway 'auntie'
Italian Prime Minister Aldo __ ('60's - 70's)
__ Stone, co-creator of 'South Park'
Spanish tennis star Carlos
Internet __ (viral phenomenom)
__ & Chandon Champagne
'New York Times' food critic Sheraton
Clayey deposit
German mouse
__-en-scene (stage setting)
Conductor Ricardo (La Scala music director)
Stone breakwater
French city on the Moselle River
'__ oui' (certainly): Fr.
Look, in Spanish
Wine press residue; French grape brandy
'Jabberwocky' word
Abbreviation for merchandise
French for same
Dutch physicist Simon van der __ (1984 co-Nobelist)
English actress of the stage and film, Washbourne
Street in New York's Chinatown
Longtime co-host on 'Today', Lauer
'Black Beauty' star Freeman
Tennyson poem
'Flash Gordon' villain __ the Merciless
Classic name in copiers
Jazz flutist Herbie
Voodoo charm
__ fides (bad faith): Lat.
Fictional spy __ Helm (created by Donald Hamilton)
Unit of metrical time
Ancient Persian

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