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Scottish river noted for salmon fishing
Festoon; drapery, wreath, etc.
'Land', in Central Asia
Mining nail
Gaiter; old-fashioned footwear
__ Kramer, 2010 Dutch Olympic speed-skating gold medalist
Sharp: pref.
Unfermented grape juice
Philippine archipelago
Ukrainian river which flows into the Pripet River
WWI German Admiral Maximilian Graf von __
Young, male red deer
English novelist Barstow ('A Kind of Loving')
1974 Sutherland/Gould spoof
Garden tool
Initials referring to ancient Rome
Swedish explorer of Central Asia, __ Hedin
Chinese dynasty a thousand years ago
Stable attendant, in India
Gush forth: Var.
Swedish cinematographer Nykvist
Film extra, for short
German battleship Graf __
Bird feeder food
Ancient city of Elam
American jazz pianist/composer Kenton
'70's tennis great Smith
Child-welfare org.
Small barracuda
Nine inches
Photocopy, for short
District of Pakistan
Young oyster
Adaptable aircraft
Voiceless, in phonetics
Toni Morrison novel
Knob on an organ
Jazz singer or British actress Sylvia (2 different people)
Lustrous mineral
Cartoonist Drake ('The Heart of Juliet Jones')
WWI French fighter plane
Koran chapter
U.S. Coast Guard woman
Old-time actress Anna ('Nana')
Opposite of legato, in mus. (abbr.)
Irrational, to mathematicians
Native South African village
Roman goddess of hope
Since, in Scotland
Lady Macbeth's damned thing

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