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George Gershwin song from 'Strike Up the Band'
Italian director Vittoro De __ ('The Bicycle Thief')
Prune or lop off, in Scotland
Body of an organism
Spore clusters
Small rail bird
Chinese city on the Wei, old-style
Capital of Calais, Switzerland
Home tool maker
Jazz saxophonist Zoot __
Roy Rogers's real surname
Poie de __ (soft fabric)
Lower layer of the earth's crust; igneous rock
__ Ifni, __ -bel-Abbes (North African cities)
European apple tree
Priory of __, group in 'The Da Vinci Code'
Musical connector; arc on a score
Japanese noodle
German for victory
French for silk
Kiss, in Britain
Gull-like predator of the Arctic
Welsh actress Phillips ('I, Claudius')
Rapper __-Lo ('I Wish')
Hindu trinity member - god of destruction
Weaver's reed; reed on a loom
Alone, as a female on stage
Fish from Dover
'Say __', song recorded by the Andrew Sisters and Glenn Miller
Bon __ (good evening, in French)
Vodka brand
'Brave New World' drug
Bob Hoskin's role in 'Hook'
Pearl S. Buck's sequel to 'The Good Earth'
Gather on the surface, chemically
1960's civil rights grp.
Ko-Ko's weapon in 'The Mikado'
Straw beehive
Rudder support; keel extension
Faro card
'Honi __ qui mal y pense' (motto of the Order of the Garter)
WWI admiral William
__ bath (therapeutic treatment)
Loudness unit
Rama's wife, in a Hindu epic
Comme si, comme sa
I am, in Italy; 'Dove __' (Mozart aria)
Former NFL offensive guard Chris (New York Giants)

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