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Italian city; Maserati & Ferrari headquarters; Pavarotti's birthplace
Austrian composer Gustav ('The Song of the Earth' 'Symphony of a Thousand')
Seat of Nassau County, N.Y. (7)
Love letter (8)
Civil-rights activist Evers
Black garnet (8)
Mrs. Bill Gates (7)
Last book of the Old Testament (7)
Playwright __ Norman (''night Mother' 'The Secret Garden')
French playwright ('The Misanthrope' 'The School for Wives' 'The Miser') (7)
Unification Church member
Hypnotism pioneer Franz
Person not to mess with, in an old song (11)
Subdivision of a Roman legion (7)
Fauvist painter Henri ('Woman with the Hat' 'The Dance' 'The Piano Lesson') (7)
French artist Duchamp
Indian prince (8)
Queen Elizabeth II's sister (8)
Long-vowel mark
Varnish resin; tree
Gospel singer Jackson; 'the Queen of Gospel' (7)
Czech Republic region; Brno's locale (7)
Actor Doug ('The Virginian') (7)
Crescent-shaped section of a lens (8)
Sweet Italian wine (7)
St. __, Switzerland resort town
Light, white wine (7)
Personal manager; chief steward (9)
River through Toledo, Ohio
English singer-lyricist Mabel ('Moon River' 'Jeepers Creepers')
Connecticut city (7)
Gilbert & Sullivan work with 'The'; Nanki-Poo's father
Five iron
Actress Dillon ('Christmas Story' 'Close Encountes of the Third Kind') (7)
Sherry-like dessert wine from Portugal (7)
Italian town where Napoleon defeated the Austrians (7)
Lively Polish dance (7)
Notorious 1999 computer virus (7)
Roman goddess of wisdom; daughter of Jupiter (7)
Stately dance
Legendary Spanish matador (8)
hint answer
Leaf bisector; central vein
Snake-haired woman of Greek myth; one of the Gorgons
Canadian actor Raymond ('Dr. Kildaire' 'East of Eden')
Bluish-gray cat; toy dog (7)
Elinor's sister in Austen's 'Sense and Sensibility' (8)
Abbr. in a salutation; gentlemen (abbr.)
TV title role for Brandy Norwood
Female bacchanalian
Longfellow character who was Hiawatha's lover; laughing water, in Sioux (8)
Eastern Canadian Indian
'The X-Files' special agent Fox __
1964 Hitchcock film (Tippi Hedren - Sean Connery)
French mime who created Bip (7)
Hawaiian 'thank you'
Latin American rattle
Oldest city in Ohio (8)
'The Press' for 'reporters', e.g. (7)
Indian princess (8)
Spanish province or its wine
Light cotton fabric
French teacher
Constriction of the pupil
Roof style (7)
American Dadaist (full name)
Sweet wine made from muscat grapes (8)
Insect monster of Japanese film
Al Jolson classic (13)
Belief that all things are made of a single substance
Occupation; specialty
One of the Jackson 5
Morning prayers
Singer-actor Gordon ('Oklahoma!' 'Carousel')
Spanish flamenco guitarist, Carlos (7)
Title role in a Roald Dahl novel (7)
One of the Islas Baleares (2 spellings) (7)
Sensitive tropical plant
Nyasaland, now
Kenyan tribesman; __ Revolt (1950's conflict)
'Kate & Allie' actress Ana
Spanish wool
Education pioneer Maria (10)
Latin American with mixed ancestry (7)
Minstrel show character (7)
Elephant driver, in India

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