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American author-illustrator Silverstein
'Melrose Place' actor Andrew
Coarse tobacco
Pillow cover
Blackfin snapper
Central Asian mountain range, Tien __
Mr. Pecksniff of Dickens's 'Martin Chuzzlewit'
Blood fluid: pref.
Southeast Asia ethnic group; Thai language
Oliver Wendell Holmes poem 'Wonderful One-Hoss __'
Noon service, to ecclesiastics; canonical hour
Like some Spanish wine; dry, in Spain
'Buona __' (good evening, in Italian)
Half: pref.
Brother of Cain and Abel
Hindu title of respect: var.
One-horse carriage
Sequence of stages, in ecology
Tunisian port
American playwright Irwin ('The Young Lions' 'Rich Man, Poor Man')
Grammy-winning reggae artist __ Paul
French for seven
Actor LaBeouf ('Transformers' 'Disturbia')
Catch on a gunlock
Dotted, in heraldry
Irish short story writer O'Faolain
Evenings, in Italy
Rossini opera 'La Scala di __'
Tartan pattern
Sonoran Indian
Rectangular paving stone
German for very
Persian tiger
Hebrew letter
Utah's state flower - lily
Pas __ (dance solo); French for alone
Clan unit
Former CNN anchor Bernard
Toots __, Manhattan restaurateur
Former president of Facebook and co-founder of Napster, __ Parker
French seaport
Son of Ramses I
Spanish architect Jose Luis __ (Harvard Science Center)
Clockmaker __ Thomas
Esau's land; biblical range
Woman's magazine
Popular '30's dance
Noah's firstborn - brother of Ham & Japheth
French city on the Yonne River; city of the Huguenots
__ Tzu (toy dog)
Mason's wedge; carpenter's leveler
Bandleader Fields
Zaire's president Mobuto __ Seko
Spanish muralist Jose Maria __
__ Jahan (Taj Mahal builder)
Revolutionary War commander __ Warner

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