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Forced Order
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Reworded quotesActorMovie
I am suffienciently annoyed by these incestuous reptiles on board this incestuous aircraft.
To be perfectly honest woman, I couldn't care less.
I will propose an agreement which, upon relfection, will be so desirable one couldn't decline.
The most ingenious prank Lucifer accomplished was pursuading humankind that he was in fact an illusion.
You may proceed in creating the time between sunrise and sunset.
Would you present to me the correct monetary amount.
My return should be expected.
You may now greet my miniature companion.
Reworded quotesActorMovie
There isn't a site that is like that of one's birthplace.
City in Texas, it appears that a malfunction has occured.
At this location in this instant is one named Jonathan.
Yes infant child!
It may still be a less favourable situation, it may precipitate.
Therefore would you kindly, with sweetener on the surface, cleanse the expletive deleted automobile.

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