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'I can spin straw into gold.'
'I see it, but I don't believe it.'
'Death looks good on you. And poison is most definitely your color.'
'Maybe we can run the Elf-Tonic scam.'
Isn't it funny? The things we haven't thought about in years still have the ability to make us cry.'
'This one's on the house. For today.'
'Sometimes the people we should fear the most are the ones closest to us.'
'When you're around, things are brighter.'
'I wish(...) to look upon your face always.'
'Would you like me to get you a step stool so you can look in my eyes when you threaten me?'
'You brought the queen's men into our den.'
'Forgive me, but isn't he a bit of a dead weight?'
'Now, my lesser half, shall we see what I, the monster you made, can really do?'
'Has anyone been to see her?' ('Not today, not ever.')
'Milah was quite beautiful, wasn't she?'
'You all will be punished.'
'I'm going to build a snowman.'
'My weaving days are over. I've been called to the front!'
'But first, we have to take care of her.'
'I'm here to collect my property.'
'Inspiration struck! And then I struck.'
'Not a very pretty name, sounds like something breaking.'
'A man unwilling to fight for what he wants deserves what he gets.'
'I wish that Emma Sean's wish to never have been the savior be granted.'
'Its what it means to be a parent. You always have to do what's best for your children.'
'I was texting. Now, I know that's not legal in Maine.'
'When you stabbed me in that jail cell, I didn't die.'
'Family is everything, my dear.'
'Reach down, and I will cut you down like your father.'
'You're never gonna believe what I saw.'
'Pretentious. I hate him already.'
'Since when did I care about anyone's happiness but mine?'
'I'm not [frightened]. I protected what belongs to me. And I'm not afraid of anything.
'If I won't forgive you, why would she?'
'You've known me. You've known me since the moment I was conceived.'
'If you're comin' to me, you're screwed.'
'That's why you never hear these words for a savior: They lived happily ever after.'
'... *sighs* I need magic.'
'Something more elusive than the greatest of all mysteries.'
'You may have been a princess, but you will never be a queen.'
'You could've killed me, but you didn't.'
'I need your... wow this is hard to say... help.'
'Off with the jewelry!'
'I smell dinner.'

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