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Can you name the video games based on their 5 word review?

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5 Word ReviewGame
Can't jump over the flagpole.
Guts Man beats Cut Man.
Chainsaw bayonet never gums up.
Fox, do a barrel roll!
Dr. Salvador wants your head.
Mass murder merits fist bumps.
Wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka.
Why won’t Tails stay dead?
Nerd with crowbar smashes aliens.
Underwater junkies hate drill hand.
The best kind of gardening
Turbo Tunnel sure is fun!
Anime lawyers pound tables; “OBJECTION!”
Dead family means bullet time.
5 Word ReviewGame
The cake is a lie.
It’s dangerous to go alone!
Sephiroth kills SPOILER; everybody cry.
Apes love insane barrel cannons.
Snake! What happened? Snake! SNAAAAAKE!
Evil angels are WHOA BOOBS!
How’d a Slime kill me?
Ode to Joy; effing unicorn!
You have to brake, moron.
Not another effing Flood level!
Princess rescued within the hour.
Ryu wins, but doesn’t care.
Quit calling me about TEETEES!
Updates clog Facebook’s news feed.

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