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What is the name of the acne medication Screech creates?
What play does the gang remake for drama club?
What animal does Zack rescue in the oil spill episode?
What is the name of their first teacher?
What is the name of the waiter at The Max that does magic tricks?
What is Slater's job at the beach?
What is the name of the waiter at The Max that is an actor?
What is Slater's lizard's name?
Why does Zack want to win class president?
What character is Screech in 'Swan Lake?'
What did Jesse get addicted to?
What actress played Screech's girlfriend, Violet?
What is the name of the homeless girl tha Zack falls for?
Who is the host of the dance off where they invent 'the sprain?'
What is Slater's sister's name?
In the college years, where does their college professor die?
Where does Mr. Belding's wife have her baby?
What is the name of Kelly's boss that comes between her and Zack?
What job did Lisa's parents have?
What is Mr. Belding's brother's name?

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