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What are three unpaird vessels off the abdominal aorta
What other branches besides the great unpaired ones arise from the abdominal aorta? (in alphabetical order)
What vertebral levels do the major abdominal aortic branches correspond to? (superior (name level) to inferior (name level)
What do aortic branches from different parts of the aorta (e.g. ventral, lateral) do? Is there any organization to aortic branches that can aid you in understanding their functionsVentral branches = major vessels (celiac, SMA, IMA) supply gut and unpaired organs such as liver. Lateral branches supply specific paired organs eg kidneys
What arteries supply the diaphragm? Where do they arise from?
What arteries supply the suprarenal glands? Where do they arise from?
What is the difference between hepatic veins and portal veinportal vein carries blood from all the digestive organs into liver for filtering,; hepatic veins carry blood away from liver into systemic IVC
What is the portal triad? Where is it?
What is meant by marginal artery? Where is it located? What is its clinical significance? major route of collatoral circulation in event of blockage
What is special about left renal vein?Functions as direct extension of the IVC, giving off branches on the left side that are paralleled by IVC on the right

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