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Can you name the following structures of the heart?

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DescriptionStructureextra info
Surfaces: (LV, RV, RA and/or LA)
Pulmonaryright and left borders
Right border
Left border
Sulcus lines:
Encircles Heart; separates atria from ventricles
Separates ventriclesstarts anteriorly at pulmonary trunk, wraps around to posterior up to coronary arteries
Right Atrium: Tricuspid valve
Drains heart's deoxygenated blood
Posterior smooth wall
Anterior rough wall
Vertical ridge
Remnant of foramen ovalis
Leaf/appendage, rough because of pectinate muscles
DescriptionStructureextra info
Tricuspid Valve:
Three cusps
Right Ventricle:
Smooth region below pulmonary valve
Elevated muscles in ventricle
Trabeculae carneae between septum to ventricular wall; carries conductive impulses
valve between left Atrium and lv:smooth except for auricle which is rough due to pectinate muscles
Left Ventricle:
IV septum curves to: (left or right)
Stenosis of pulmonary artery, RV hypertorphy, Ventricular defect
Corrected by
Heart Conduction system:
Path of conduction
Causes atria to contract
DescriptionStructureextra info
Causes Ventricles to contract and papillary muscles to contract
Blockage of left/right Purkinje fibers
damage to av node
Auscultation sites
right second intercostal space close to sternum
Left second intercostal space close to sternum
Slightly inferiomedial to left nipple
Inferior left sternal margin
Coronary arteries:
Runs in coronary groove
Supplies SA node
Supplies right border
supplies av node
Passes between coronary groove and pulmonary trunk
Supplies Ventricles and IV septum
Supplies left atrium and left ventricle

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