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1990 Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin film
Inactive college sports participant
In physics and astronomy, this occurs when electromagnetic radiation—usually visible light—emitted or reflected by an object is shifted towards the less energetic end of the el
American BBQ restaurant; taken from the title of DJ Dewey Phillip’s radio show that aired on WHBQ-AM in Memphis, Tennessee in the 1950’s.
Children's book series first published in 1963 turned TV show; ain't nothin small about this animal.
Cinnamon-flavoured chewing gum made by the William Wrigley Jr. Company
A children's game of breaking through the opposing teams lines; send Joe on over.
1998 war film starring Jim Caviezel during the Battle of Guadalcanal in World War II.
a 1961 children's novel written by American author Wilson Rawls.
Type of citrus bigger than an orange; made into a Tropicana brand juice
A $1 movie rental where you can rent movies by night
A seafood restaurant named after an ocean crustacean
New England baseball team
An emergency response organization and domestic disaster relief organization who does blood donations for those who need it
A 'Gormet Burger' American restaurant with a bird as a mascot
A band with albums such as 'Californication', 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik', and 'Stadium Arcadium'
Campaign involving the purchasing of items to support a cure, specifically in Africa
Detroit, Michigan hockey team
Primary Colors
2002 Thriller movie with Anthony Hopkins; part of a trilogy

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