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Hero: White & Black Spider
Hero: Talks to bugs
Hero: Flying Split Personality
Hero: Hold Your Ears
Hero: Smart and Hairy
Hero: Alien Horse
Hero: Holds Grudges
Hero: Too Loud
Hero: Spidermans Lady on the side
Hero: Kinda like Lion King
Hero: Good..or bad...or good..
Hero: Vampire Hunter
Hero: Friend of Cap
Hero: Guns and Pockets
Hero: A Southern Rocket
Hero: 'does this A stand for France'
Hero: Wears a Flag, Asian Sister
Hero: Marvel has a Superman?
Hero: Sorry we came here together
Hero: So shiny for RUSSIA
Hero: In need of eye drops
Hero: I can read EVERYTHING
Hero: Sorry we came here together
Hero: Son of the devil, meh
Hero: Handicapable
Hero: Guns on Guns on Guns on Swords
Hero: The Loving Psycopath
Hero: The Sorcerer Supreme
Hero: I'm a Sorcerer Mon
Hero: Lady Luck
Hero: A Lady Ninja
Hero: Team Medic
Hero: You Don't Wear White After Labor Day...
Hero: I Like the Birds
Hero: I'm not Fantomex
Hero: Mon Ami
Hero: I Kinda Hate When My Skin Burns Off
Hero: Never Miss
Hero: Feels Like I Have Been Around Forever
Hero: The New Child
Hero: Donald?
Hero: The Incredible
Hero: A Little Burnt
Hero: It's Snowing...ALWAYS
Hero: Now You See Me...
Hero: A Kung Fu Master
Hero: The Invincible
Hero: My power is sparks...ok
Hero: He never really evolved...
Hero: Yea I Have a Dragon, SO WHAT
Hero: Unbreakable
Hero: Been to Hell it was Lame
Hero: Not a fan of those Nazi fellows
Hero: Everything on the Inside Wants Out
Hero: A female Robin (DC)
Hero: I'm Egyptian or was? Am I a mummy?
Hero: Native American, Was a God, Loves Horses
Hero: I am the Equivilent of Silly Putty
Hero: I'm Throwin It Right Back At You
Hero: I Like Fish and I'm Usually Mad
Hero: Director; Sometiems im White
Hero: Part of the Corp
Hero: Kinda like a Butterfly
Hero: Psychic Super Crazy
Hero: The Wheelman
Hero: Psychic Asian
Hero: He Just Won't Die
Hero: I Promise You Won't Catch Me
Hero: Cmon Sugah
Hero: Hawkeye with GUNS
Hero: Nice Lady INSANE really nice...
Hero: A Million Exploding Suns
Hero: Angry Lawyer
Hero: Tubular
Hero: I was Fast, Now I'm Sad
Hero: Senses Tingling
Hero: Wait This One Shoots Acid?
Hero: Screw Nature I Do What I Want
Hero: All The UV
Hero: It's Clobberin Time
Hero: The MIghty
Hero: Birtain's Cap
Hero: Stupid X Tumor...
Hero: I know I Look Different and YES I like guns
Hero: I Learned to Love...
Hero: A Suit and a Gattling Gun
Hero: A Loving Computer Virus of Sorts
Hero: Got My Knives...That's All I Need
Hero: Im Tiny and Cute DEAL WITH IT
Hero: Bit of a Bloodthirst..Should'nt be an Issue
Hero: The Best There Is
Hero: The Second Best There Is
Hero: I Just Like Science!
Villain: Sort of an Angry Lizard Crocadile Thing
Villain: A Modern Chameleon
Villain: Said to Bring About the...well you know
Villain: Loved his Video Games
Villain: Just a Horseman No Big Deal
Villain: Racist with a Sword
Villain: Half Nimrod
Villain: Holds Grudges
Villain: Good or Bad?
Villain: Spike Headed Demon
Villain: Living in the Past (The Middle Ages)
Villain: The Power of Decay
Villain: A Big Fella
Villain: What an Odd Weapon
Villain: Hates Handicaped Ninjas
Villain: An Even Crazier Symbiote
Villain: Death's Touch
Villain: The man version of Ditto (Spidey Villain)
Villain: A Big Red Iron Man
Villain: Not a Captain America Fan
Villain: Always playing an FPS
Villain: Like Wolverine Only More Douchy
Villain: Sensative About his Face
Villain: I Got All the Arms
Villain: Yes I am On Fire and Now You Are Too
Villain: I Realize my mask is stupid, but deal with it
Villain: Big fan of diamonds
Villain: Got a serious crush
Villain: And For brunch a big bowl of planets
Villain: Who?
Villain: Heard this guy was good now? nope....
Villain: Best statues in the buisness
Villain: My arm is not even convenient
Villain: Big Headed Mob Boss
Villain: Angsty Son of Spiderman Villain
Villain: Mgical Cloak Mob Boss
Villain: Got that H2O
Villain: (Jeff Bridges)
Villain: Big Fan of Halloween
Villain: Sorta Imp thing caused Spider Island
Villain: Leatherface....
Villain: I Have a silly helmet and IM HUGE
Villain: Mob Boss Extrodinaire
Villain: The most dangerous game, pretty much my life...
Villain: Lady version Hates Handicapped Ninjas
Villain: Who Does Your Nails..(Elegant Nails on Rt 12)
Villain: Thats Dr. Maneater to you
Villain: Adopted Jelous Brother
Villain: Hes just a giant head...with tiny little arms and legs
Villain: Master of Magnetism
Villain: He who fears burns at the touch of _____
Villain: A Fruit or a Villain?
Villain: Writing contracts all day erryday
Villain: A kind of see through mob boss
Villain: Really don't like The Sentry...
Villain: I'm just a dracula just hangin out..
Villain: Scarecrow?
Villain: haha youre not a villain magic tricks, really?
Villain: The Female version of Ditto
Villain: Not a huge fan of Connecticut
Villain: Yea mhm arm whips best weapon none better
Villain: When a Magneto and a Professor X love each other
Villain: More like Mauve Man
Villain: Angsty little fire starter
Villain: Yea I ran varsity track NO BIG DEAL
Villain: Why would you want those hands!
Villain: I'm so mad the skin melted off my face..
Villain: I thought we were being our favorite animals
Villain: The less cool Howlett brother
Villain: Bring me a dream
Villain: Half man-half teradactyl...Yup ok mhm
Villain: Big demand for mutant scalps
Villain: Shes pretty cray
Villain: You trained crows, why would you do that!
Villain: There is like 5 versions of me all have a tail though..
Villain: Kevin Bacon
Villain: Hard to grab and Vibrates....
Villain: Lord of the Chaos Dimension
Villain: So shiny..
Villain: Nega Danny, Nega Fist, Iron Hydra?
Villain: Screaming Mimi
Villain: Cable Clone
Villain: I am Kurt the ____ _____
Villain: Copy Cat
Villain: Got this really cool glove
Villain: You know what we need A Walking Shark
Villain: Long Tongue
Villain: What an odd pale thug
Villain: I just want my girls
Villain: The best spidey villain
Villain: Old Guy with wings
Villain: (Mickey Rourke)
Villain: Ya big green tornado
Villain: I used to be good now im communist!

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