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Can you name the places these US sitcom characters are from?

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CharacterWhere they are fromShow
Balki BartokomousPerfect Strangers
Cleveland BrownFamily Guy
Elaine BenesSeinfeld
Fran FineThe Nanny
Frasier CraneCheers
Gordon 'ALF' ShumwayALF
Jack Donaghy30 Rock
James KinchloeHogan's Heroes
JemaineFlight of the Conchords
Mary RichardsThe Mary Tyler Moore Show
Maxwell KlingerM*A*S*H
MorkMork and Mindy
CharacterWhere they are fromShow
Nancy BotwinWeeds
Nigel WickThe Drew Carey Show
Nina Van HornJust Shoot Me
Philip J. FryFuturama
Rachel GreenFriends
Robin ScherbatskyHow I Met Your Mother
Rose NylundThe Golden Girls
Sheldon CooperThe Big Bang Theory
Thurston Howell IIIGilligan's Island
Tony MicelliWho's The Boss?
Will SmithThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Will TrumanWill and Grace

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