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This was the year that the Acts of Union were signed between England and Scotland.
This joint-stock trading company was created to focus on trade in South Asia.
This was the battle wherein forces from the aforementioned company conquered Mughal Bengal and Britain became the dominant power in India.
This explorer discovered the eastern coast of Australia in 1770 and named it New South Wales.
This treaty marked the end of the American Revolutionary War and recognized the sovereignty of the United States.
This battle confirmed British naval supremacy and ended Napoleon's plans to invade the British Isles.
He was the commander of British forces at the aforementioned battle.
The Slave Trade Act was signed in this year, forbidding the slave trade across the empire.
This battle ended the Napoleonic Wars and resulted in the Corsican's final exile to St. Helena.
The aforementioned battle took place in which modern day country.
This was the name given to the period of British dominance and relative peace from 1815 to 1914.
The seizure of massive amounts of this product by Chinese authorities in 1839 led to war between Britain and China.
The 'Great Game' referred to Britain's 19th century colonial rivalry with this power.
The British invaded this country in 1839, but it was a disaster, with many of their forces being killed during a retreat in 1842.
The British invaded this region in 1853 to destroy an aforementioned power's naval capabilities.
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This insurgency led to the Government of India Act of 1858 and established the British Raj.
This rebellion against British authorities in Jamaica started after a volunteer militia gunned down seven protesters in 1865.
This British Prime Minister paid £4 million for a 44% ownership stake in the Suez Canal in 1875.
An Egyptian garrison led by this man was besieged and slaughtered in Khartoum by Mahdists in 1885.
This man proposed a 'Cape to Cairo' railway to link the Suez Canal with the mineral-rich southern tip of Africa.
This man was captured and imprisoned during the Boer War, only to become famous for escaping to Portuguese East Africa.
The Second Boer War ended with this treaty in May, 1902.
The Colonial Conference of 1907 granted this status to certain colonies, such as Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.
19,240 British soldiers were killed on the first day of this battle in World War I.
This Anglo-French agreement in 1916 laid out the eventual division of the Ottoman Empire.
The first bill addressing this topic appeared in Parliament in 1886, with future editions in 1893, 1914, and 1920; the issue was ultimately resolved by a war from 1919-1921.
Winston Churchill called this event in February, 1942, the 'worst disaster' in British military history.
This man, a member of the royal family, was the last Viceroy of India in 1947.
This Prime Minister was forced to resign in 1956 after a botched response to the Suez Crisis.
The handover ceremony of this territory in 1997 marked, for many, the 'end of empire'.

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