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188*v U.A.E.
185v Sri Lanka
178v Australia
176v Bangladesh
175v Australia
169*v New Zealand
168*v Bangladesh
162*v West Indies
161v Netherlands
159v Ireland
154v Sri Lanka
153*v West Indies
153v Bangladesh
150*v Netherlands
150v England
149v West Indies
147*v Zimbabwe
146v West Indies
143v New Zealand
141v England
140v Bangladesh
139v West Indies
139v Australia
138*v Zimbabwe
138*v England
136*v Australia
135v India
135v England
134*v India
134v Netherlands
133*v India
133*v India
133v West Indies
132v West Indies
131*v Kenya
130*v West Indies
129*v Australia
129v New Zealand
129v West Indies
129v Zimbabwe
128*v Netherlands
128v Pakistan
128v Sri Lanka
128v West Indies
127v Zimbabwe
127v England
126v Australia
125*v Zimbabwe
125*v Sri Lanka
125*v Sri Lanka
125v West Indies
125v Zimbabwe
125v Sri Lanka
125v Australia
124v Pakistan
124v Kenya
124v Zimbabwe
124v New Zealand
123*v Australia
123v West Indies
122*v Zimbabwe
122v Pakistan
122v Australia
121*v West Indies
121v Pakistan
121v England
121v Zimbabwe
121v Sri Lanka
120*v Sri Lanka
120v India
119*v Australia
119*v India
119*v Pakistan
119v New Zealand
119v New Zealand
119v India
118*v Pakistan
118*v Australia
118v England
117*v Sri Lanka
117v Zimbabwe
116*v India
116*v India
116v England
116v Kenya
116v New Zealand
115*v India
115*v England
115*v Pakistan
115*v Zimbabwe
115v India
114*v India
114v Pakistan
113*v Sri Lanka
113v Netherlands
113v Ireland
112*v Australia
112*v Sri Lanka
112v Australia
112v Sri Lanka
112v Pakistan
112v India
111*v Zimbabwe
111v New Zealand
111v India
111v Zimbabwe
111v Australia
110*v Pakistan
110*v Pakistan
110*v Bangladesh
110v Australia
110v Zimbabwe
110v Zimbabwe
110v West Indies
109*v Pakistan
109*v West Indies
109v Zimbabwe
109v India
109v Sri Lanka
109v Ireland
109v India
109v Sri Lanka
108*v Sri Lanka
108*v Pakistan
108v India
108v Sri Lanka
107*v New Zealand
107*v West Indies
107v West Indies
107v West Indies
107v England
107v Zimbabwe
107v Australia
107v England
106*v New Zealand
106v Pakistan
106v India
106v India
106v India
106v Australia
105*v Australia
105*v New Zealand
105*v Pakistan
105v England
105v Sri Lanka
104*v Australia
104*v India
104*v India
104v West Indies
103*v New Zealand
103*v Pakistan
103*v Bangladesh
103v New Zealand
103v West Indies
103v India
103v Sri Lanka
102*v Pakistan
102*v India
102v Pakistan
102v West Indies
102v West Indies
102v West Indies
102v Australia
102v Sri Lanka
101*v Zimbabwe
101*v Zimbabwe
101*v England
101v Australia
101v New Zealand
101v Sri Lanka
101v West Indies
101v Australia
101v India
101v Sri Lanka
100*v Australia
100*v Sri Lanka
100*v India
100v New Zealand
100v New Zealand
100v England
100v Pakistan
100v India
100v Australia

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1940s Celebrity Field Guide

by beisaa

People just look classier in black and white.
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