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Can you give the first or last name of the next celebrity in the Word Ladder? (read 'HOW TO PLAY' instructions)

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FN: '_____ 1' [Actor] Doctor Who's 10th Doctor (followed by 21 20)
LN: '2 _______' [Soccer Player] Played on Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, LA Galaxy, Paris Saint-Germain, and the England national team
FN: '_____ 3' [Soul Singer] 2015 American Idol XIV runner-up
LN: '4 ____' [Comic Book Character] Superman's secret identity with glasses!
LN: '5 ____' [Actress] Monique on the show Fresh-Prince of Bel-Air (starring Will 20); starred in Love and a Bullet, The Wash, and Malibooty
FN: '________ 'Larry' 6' [Talk Show Host] Glasses-wearing host (nicknamed Larry) who voiced Doris the Ugly Stepsister in the Shrek movies
FN: '________ 7' [Actress] Hunger Games's Katniss Everdeen actress
LN: '8 ______' [Singer] 2004 American Idol III finalist; actress in Dreamgirls
FN: '_____ 9' [Explorer] 17th century English sea navigator
LN: '10 ____' [Industrialist] ____ Motor Company's founder, sponsor of assembly line mass production
FN: '________ 11' [Actor] Star Wars's Han Solo (created by 13 14)
FN: '______ 12' [Musician] Beatles guitarist, 'Here Comes the Sun' writer
LN: '13 _____' [Director] Star Wars (starring 12 11) and Indiana Jones creator
LN: '14 _____ Borges' [Soccer Player] Midfielder for Real Madrid
FN: '_____ 15' [TV Show Host] Host of National Geographic's Brain Games
LN: '16 ______' [YouTuber] Plays Minecraft as 'MinecraftUniverse' on YouTube as part of Team Crafted; has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube
FN: '____ 17' [TV Show Host] Host of CBS's Survivor for 32+ seasons
LN: '18 ______' [Race Car Driver] NASCAR driver who won his first Daytona 500 in 1997
LN: '19 _____' [Politician] Oregon's Senator from 1997-2009, appointed President of the National Association of Broadcasters in September 2009
FN: '___ 15' [Actor] Doctor Who's 11th Doctor actor (replacing 2 1)

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