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A Muslim denomination that resisted Umayyad rule and believed the caliph should be a descendant of Muhammad The party of Allah
An Arab title that means successorThe one elected to lead after Muhammad’s death
The 200-mile migration from Mecca to the town of Yathrib by Muhammad and his followers Later called Medina
A follower of Islam One who has submitted
Members of this sect rejected luxurious Umayyad lifestyle and pursued a life of poverty and spirituality
An Islamic house of worship
Muhammad ‘s example The best mode of proper living
The family that came to power in 661 Moved the Muslim capital to Damascus
The holy book of IslamContains revelations Muhammad received from Gabriel
The Muslim state in Southern Spain Set up by Berbers from North Africa
The group that took over the muslim empire in 750 Moved capital to the city of Baghdad
The system of law that regulates the family life and morel conduct
They called themselves followers of Muhammad’s example
The independent caliphate begun in North Africa by Shi’a Muslims who claimed descent from Muhammad’s daughter
The art of beautiful handwriting Practiced by many Muslim artists
The pilgrimage to mecca that all Muslims are called upon to fulfill One of the five pillars of Islam
He helped unify the Arabian Peninsula under IslamThe last of the prophets
Religion founded by Muhammad
The center of learning in Baghdad where scholars preserved and expanded scholarly works throughout Asia
Name of the Muslim god in Arabic

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