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QUIZ: Can you name the Hercules- I Won't Say I'm In Love?

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LyricsFinish LyricsNumber Words Needed
If there's a4 words
I guess4 words
No man is3 words
That's ancient history,4 words
Who'd'ya think2 words
He's the Earth4 words
Try to3 words
Honey, we can4 words
Girl, ya can't2 words
We know 4 words
Who you're2 words
No chance,2 words
I won't 4 words
You swoon,2 words
why2 words
It's too1 word
I won't say3 words
I thought my5 words
It feels so good4 words
My head is screaming4 words
Unless you're 6 words
You keep2 words
LyricsFinish LyricsNumber Words Needed
Who you are4 words
Baby, we're2 words
Hon, we saw4 words
Face it4 words
When ya gonna2 words
That ya got,4 words
No chance,2 words
I won't4 words
Give up,2 words
Check the grin3 words
This scene2 words
I won't say3 words
You're doin4 words
You're2 words
You're way2 words
I won't2 words
Get off2 words
I won't2 words
Girl, don't2 words
It's O.K.3 words
At least2 words
I won't say3 words

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