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Can you name the degrassi chain reaction?

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who had a baby at a young age
married who
had baby
who's sister is
who's first date was with
who kissed ------ at a party
who had feelings for
who had an abortion with
who got went to la with
who's first girlfriend was
who started to have feelings for
who were cutest couple with
who fell in love with christian girl
who had sex with
who helped out baby momma
who dated ------- before he died
who had a baby with
who liked science nerd
who originally had feelings for
who got married to
who dated a football player named
who kissed
who was a couple with
who later had a sex party with
who had faked loved
who had a baby with
who had a thing with
who had feelings for
who dated
who was in an abusive relationship with
who shot
who was best friends with
who dated her stepbrother
who then dated
who has a sister named
who dated
who was friends with
who dated
whose brother is
who dated
who dated ----- but then found out he was gay
who kept messing it up with
who was tortured by
who then helped ------ get into the army
who was good friends with
who lost -------- cat
who dumped
who became friends with
who liked
who was best friends with
who dated
who was friends with
who lives with
who moved on to

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