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The total number of times which Owen has been shot on Torchwood
What did Adam convince Ianto that he did to three girls?
Name of the Pterodactyl caught by Jack and Ianto
What does Toshiko say that's reliable about maths?
What does Jack call Rhys' mother in 'Something Borrowed'?
What is the main nickname given for Ianto?
What century does Jack originate from?
What does Gwen compare Owen to in 'Adam'
What other rehab has Captain John attended besides drugs, sex, and alcohol?
What is the name of Ianto's niece?
What does Owen break to show that he is broken?
Who plays Gwen Cooper?
In series two, what is the name of the episode where Tosh and Owen die?
What type of Alien is Janet?
What year was Children of Earth broadcasted?
What was the name on the boat which transports Gwen to Flat Holm Island in 'Aridft'?
In the episode 'Fragments' what was the first name of Owen's late fiancée
What was Ianto's secret weapon to distract the Pterodactyl in 'Fragments'?
Name the episode which featured 'The Pharm'
What was the name of the shop which was ran by Billis?

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