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Can you name the which show these characters are from??

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CharacterTV Show
Jim Halpert, Stanley Hudson, Oscar Martinez
Jimmy Hughes, George Savitsky, Kim Warner
Al Borland, Wilson Wilson Jr., Heidi Keppert
Norm Peterson, Cliff Claven, Carla Tortelli
Ari Gold, John Chase, Eric Murphy
Dennis Reynolds, Charlie Kelly, Liam Mcpoyle
Warren Weber, Charles Arcola, Marion Cunningham
Alice Nelson, Sam Franklin, Cousin Oliver
Winnie Cooper, Kevin Arnold, Paul Pfeiffer
Herbert Garrison, Token Williams, Ike Broflovski
CharacterTV Show
Bud Bundy, Marcy D'Arcy, Steve Rhoads
Ross Geller, Rachel Green, Phoebe Buffay
Mort Goldman, Adam West, Diane Simmons
Jimmy McNulty, Cedric Daniels, Shakima Greggs
Susan Ross, J Peterman, David Puddy
Greg Gregson, Jonah Takalua, Ja'mie King
Nina VanHorn, Jack Gallo, Dennis Finch
Stacy Carosi, Violet Ann Bickerstaff, Tori Scott
Agnes Skinner, Edna Krabapple, Ralph Wiggum
Rebecca Donaldson, Kimmie Gibbler, Vicky Larson

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