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Suburb of Sheffield where the band is from
First single released off of 'Humbug'
Which band member is the oldest?
Who provided the backing vocals for 'The Fire And The Thud'?
Arctic Monkeys' cover of 'Diamonds Are Forever' appeared on what Domino compilation?
Which poet's name is tattooed on Alex Turner's arm?
Along with 505, which other song did Miles Kane assist the band with?
Original name of 'Cigarette Smoker Fiona'
Who is the only member of the band not to hail from Sheffield?
What was Arctic Monkeys' last gig before their hiatus in 2014?
Original bassist until his departure in 2006
Majority of the band's supported football team
Name given to the collection of unreleased songs recorded from 2002-2005
Artist the band collaborated with to produce songs such as 'You And I' and 'Bad Woman'
Total number of B-sides produced
Director of the music videos of 'Cornerstone' and 'Crying Lightning'
Alex Turner's girlfriend (as of 2017)
Bass guitar owned by Nick O'Malley and used from 2006 onwards
Which movie (2011) did Alex Turner write the soundtrack to?
How many copies of 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not' sold in the first week?
Alex Turner's parents' professions
What was 'Suck It And See' planned to be called throughout the recording?
Nationality of Matt Helders' wife
Provided backing vocals for 'Knee Socks'

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