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Who is the first non-US citizen ever drafted in the NBA?
Name a team that participated in the first regular season game in Europe.
Who is the first ever Sixth Man of the Year?
What is officially the NBA's newest team?
Which company introduced a new ball in the NBA?
Who is the first female coach in the NBA?
Where was the first NBA All-Star game played?
Which player/s have won the most number of 3-point contests?
What is the first D-League team to have single-affiliation with an NBA team
What is the maximum number of players NBA teams are allowed to have during the pre-season?
Which now defunct team participated in the first ever NBA game?
Which team received the largest fine in NBA history?
Which referee pleaded guilty for betting on and affecting the outcomes of NBA games?
Which company currently produces all NBA jerseys?
Who is the most recent man to have a 5-5-5-5-5 stat line

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