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QUIZ: Can you name the Family Guy Questions (A-Z)?

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Mayor of QuahogA
Man Chris dressed as for Halloween, which Lois did not approve ofB
Food that Stewie loves with his pieC
Name of Chris' zitD
Award that Family Guy deservesE
Object that O.J. Simpson thought Stewie wasF
Quagmire's first nameG
Lois' Grandmothers last nameH
Name of Quagmire's transgender DadI
One of Brian's ex-girlfriendsJ
Character who says, 'Oh Yeah!'K
Saddest Family Guy episodeL
'Shut up...'M
Consuela's favorite wordN
Black Weather ManO
Quagmire's jobP
Town of Family GuyQ
Name of Stewie's teddy bearR
Hometown of ClevelandS
Peter used to work at a...T
Jake Tucker has an...U
Name of the Griffin Family Dog after Brian diedV
What Brian held a rally forW
Name of Peter's FalconX
Song Peter sings to a man who has AidsY
Hollywood Producer who worked with BrianZ

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