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Can you name the Ministry of Magic Song??

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Forced Order
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Ministry of Magic Lyricssong namehint
time to empty out my trunk, there's no use for all this junk
In the cellar you were tender to Ollivander
Sometimes consequences define your life with hardship
But now there are no layers of evil left to shed
If Hermione knew the patronus charm the conjured incarnation would be Ron
Ginny, it's almost over
Wizard or muggle, some things will never change
If the time should come when you have to make a choice
You must believe that my intentions were true
Why'd I let you live? Mercy clouds my vision
Ministry of Magic Lyricssong namehint
Cast your patronous charm
Who we fightin for?
Tonight, tonight, we've got to get this right
Fight back! You coward don't turn your back on me this time!
We'll give our lives to defend
Hell, I'm in hell
I'm in love with a girl named Hermione G
Today I met a man whose name was Albus
Whisper I'm scared, look out, it's a willow tree
Dobby will fly

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