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In what city was Jack White born?
What was Jack's original job (he named a band after this occupation)
How many brothers does Jack have (think Ball & Biscuit)
What is Jack's birth name (first and last)
What was Jack's first instrument?
Who did Jack form the White Stripes with?
In reality, is the aforementioned drummer Jack's sister, wife, or ex-wife?
What are the only three colors to appear on the White Stripes' albums (just list the colors)?
What was the White Stripes' first single?
What is the most downloaded song on iTunes from their self-titled debut album?
What is the name of the Stripes' 2nd album, Dutch for 'the style'?
What is the most downloaded song from their 2nd album?
What is the name of the Stripes' 3rd album?
What song from that album did Rolling Stone Magazine list as one of the 40 songs that changed rock history?
The video for that songs featured animation of what popular children's toy?
What song notably featured in Napoleon Dynamite is the most downloaded from the 3rd album?
Name either of the other 2 singles from the third album that have not been mentioned yet.
What is the name of the Stripes' 4th album?
What is their biggest hit to date, a popular chant in soccer games, and single from the 4th album
Name the single from the 4th album featuring the lyric, 'I had opinion that didn't matter, I had a brain that felt like pancake batter'
What is the name of the Stripes' 5th album?
What is Meg holding on the album cover of the 5th album?
What is the first single off that album, featured in Guitar Hero 5?
What is the second single off the album, which premiered on Nickelodeon?
What band did Jack White form in 2006?
Who is the other singer and guitar player of this band
Bass player?
What band did the bass player and drummer originally play in?
What is this band's first album?
What is the first single from this album, perhaps the band's most successful?
What song from this album features the lyrics, 'I'm carrying a load, and I'm guessing all the time'?
What is this band's 2nd album?
What is the first single, released on the same day as the album?
What song featured the lyrics, 'Haven't seen the sun in weeks, my skin is getting pale'
Back to the Stripes, what is their most recent album named?
What song from this album featured the lyrics, 'I guess you have to have a problem if you want to invent a contraption'?
What band did Jack form in 2009?
Who is the female lead singer of the band?
What band did the above singer previously sing in?
Guitar player?
What band has above played with?
What was their first album titled?
What was the first single from that album?
What is the title of their upcoming 2nd album?
What is the first single from this album?
Who is Jack's wife?
With what band did Jack perform with on the band's movie 'Shine a Light'?
What is the name of the movie featuring Jack, The Edge, and Jimmy Page?
What famous singer did Jack play in the comedy movie 'Walk Hard'
Who did Jack collaborate with for the Quantum of Solace soundtrack?
What is the name of the song they recorded?
What is the name of the movie created from the White Stripes' 2007 tour of Canada?

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