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Highest elevation on the Eastern Seaboard (ME)47,389 Acres
Features a paleotropical rain forest and a coral reef (AS) 9,000 Acres
Contains giant red sandstone arches and other products of erosion (UT)76,679 Acres
Reformations, native prarie, and animal fossils that are 23-27 mil. years old (SD)242,756 Acres
Rio Grande and Chiscos Mountains (TX)801,163 Acres
Aquatic park encompassing a chain of islands south of Miami (FL)172,971 Acres
Has a canyon 2,900 ft deep and 40 ft wide at its narrowest part (CO)30,750 Acres
Spectacularly colorful and unusual display of erosion effects (UT)35,835 Acres
At junction of Colorado and Green rivers; extensive evidence of prehistoric Indians (UT)337,598 Acres
A 70-mi uplift of sandstone cliffs dissected by high-walled gorges (UT)241,904 Acres
Largest known caverns; not yet fully explored (NM)46,766 Acres
Sea lion breeding place; nesting sea birds; unique plants (CA)249,561 Acres
Last significant tract of southern bottomland hardwood forest in the U.S. (SC)26,546 Acres
Extraordinary blue lake in the crater of Mt. Mazama; deepest U.S. lake (OR)183,224 Acres
Rural landscape along Ohio and Erie Canal systems between Akron and Cleveland (OH)32,864 Acres
Large desert area. Includes the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere; also includes Scotty's Castle (CA-NV)3,373,042 Acres
Name changed from Mt. McKinley National Park. Contains the highest mountain in U.S. (AK)4,740,912 Acres
Ft. Jefferson and seven coral reef and sand islands near Key West (FL)64,701 Acres
Largest remaining subtropical wilderness in the continental U.S. (FL)1,398,893 Acres
Vast wilderness in north central Alaska (AK)753,898 Acres
Rocky Mt. scenery; numerous glaciers and glacial lakes (MT)1,013,322 Acres
Great tidewater glaciers that move down mountainsides and break up into the sea (AK)3,224,841 Acres
Most spectacular part of Colorado River's greatest canyon (AZ)1,217,403 Acres
Most impressive part of the Teton Mts. (WY)309,995 Acres
Includes Wheeler Park, Lexington Arch, and Lehman Caves (NV)77,180 Acres
North America's tallest dunes (CO)44,246 Acres
Largest Eastern U.S. mountain range (NC-TN)522,052 Acres
Extensive Permian limestone fossil reef; tremendous earth fault (TX)86,416 Acres
Dormant volcano on Maui with large colorful craters (HI)29,111 Acres
Contains Kiluae and Mauna Loa (HI)323,431 Acres
Bathhouses are furnished with thermal waters from the park's 47 hot springs (AR)5,550 Acres
Largest island in Lake Superior (MI)571,790 Acres
Desert region including trees (CA)789,866 Acres
'Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes' (AK)3,674,540 Acres
Contains one of the 4 major icecaps in the U.S. (AK)669,983 Acres
Mountain wilderness; contains High Sierra and giant sequoias (CA)461,901 Acres
Contains geological and recreational facilities in Alaska (AK)1,750,717 Acres
Across Cook Inlet from Anchorage (AK)2,619,733 Acres
Contains Lassen Peak (CA)106,372 Acres
365 mi. of explored underground passages; natural formation; contains a river 300 ft. below surface (KY)52,830 Acres
Most notable and best preserved prehistoric cliff dwellings in the U.S. (CO)52,122 Acres
Greatest single-peak glacial system in the U.S. (WA)236,381 Acres
Mountainous region with many glaciers and lakes (WA)504,781 Acres
Mountain wilderness containing finest remnant of Pacific Northwest rainforest (WA)922,651 Acres
Extensive petrified wood and Indian artifacts (AZ)221,621 Acres
Groves of the world's tallest trees (CA)112,582 Acres
On the Continental Divide; includes peakes of 14,000 ft (CO)265,828 Acres
Part of the Sonoran Desert (AZ)91,440 Acres
Mt. Whitney; contains the world's largest tree (CA)404,051 Acres
Portion of the Blue Ridge Mts. (VA)218,200 Acres
Contains parts of a president's ranch (ND)70,447 Acres
Covers 75% of St. John Island and Hassel Island (VI)14,686 Acres
Abundant lakes and forests; canoeing, boating (MN)218,200 Acres
Limestone caverns in Black Hills (SD)28,295 Acres
Largest area in the park system; a day's drive east of Anchorage (AK)8,323 Acres
World's first national park, and world's greatest geyser area (ID-MT-WY)2,219,791 Acres
Nation's highest waterfall; grove of sequoias and mountains (CA)761,266 Acres
Unusual shapes and landscape resulting from erosion and faulting (UT)146,592 Acres

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