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Fred and George take this before trying to trick the Goblet of Fire
When Hermione takes a whiff of this, she smells freshly mowed grass, new books, and, er, a certain person
Mr. Weasley has to take this every hour at St. Mungo's
Hannah Abbott had to take this after she burst out crying in the weeks prior to her O.W.L.s
Mrs. Weasley sprayed this while cleaning Grimmauld Place
The first potion 6th year N.E.W.T. sudents make
Side effects include excessive singing and nose tweaking
Harry pretends to slip Ron some of this before their quidditch match
Hagrid was buying this in Knockturn Alley to ward off creatures that were 'ruining the school cabbages'
Ginny tells people a corridor is full of this so that Harry can sneak into Umbridge's office
Malfoy made this when asked to make something 'amusing' during a potion class
Nicolas Flamel drinks this
Hermione, Justin Finch-Fletchley, and Colin Creevey were among the multiple people who drank this
During flu season, many people walk around with their ears steaming because of this
Harry, Ron, Hermione, Crouch Jr., Fleur, and Mundungus Fletcher are only a few of the people who use this
Harry has to drink this after Lockhart 'cures' his arm
Barty Crouch Jr. is given this
Snape makes this for someone

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