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QUIZ: Can you name the US TV Shows that were based on UK originals?

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Forced Order
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Show DescriptionUS Show TitleUK Version
Middle-aged couple were landlords to three roomates.
Trivia show. Witty redhead host. Goodbye.
Two sets of neighbours redecorate each other's homes.
Contestants compete in contests and face obstacles against bodybuilders with aliases.
Upper management visits employees in disguise.
Celebrity dance competition.
Aspiring chefs compete in a restaurant with a short-tempered Head Chef.
Struggling parents get help from experts.
Mockumentary featuring a dim-witted manager.
Singing competition with countrywide voting.
Celebrity figure skating competition
Show DescriptionUS Show TitleUK Version
Celebrity chef helps struggling restauranteurs
Fashion tips are shared.
Improv show where the points don't matter.
Famous people compete to loose weight.
Outspoken bigot father. Naive wive. Daughter marries meathead.
A man and two women share a place.
Game show that requires a 'Final Answer'.
A special science advisor for the FBI investigates unsolved crimes.
Contestants compete. Vote for who they think will fail a challenge. Winner is 'Top Dog'
Families trade mothers.
Dysfunctional family, Father's a drunk. Abandoned by mother.

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