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Hadrian's VillaTivoli, Italy
San Francesco (The Malatesta Temple)Rimini, Italy
Menkaure's (Mycerinis') PyramidGiza, Egypt
Notre Dame de ParisParis, France
St-SerninToulouse, France
Theatre at EpidaurosEpidauros, Greece
Treasury of ArteusMycenae, Greece
Hal TarxienMalta
Ishtar GateBabylon, Mesopotamia (p.d. Iraq)
Sanctuary of Fortuna PrimigeniaPalestrina, Italy
Santa Maria Novella façadeFlorence, Italy
Santa CostanzaRome, Italy
Old St. Peter's BasilicaRome, Italy
Pazzi Chapel at the Basilica di Santa CroceFlorence, Italy
Buonarroti's work at St. Peter'sRome, Italy
PantheonRome, Italy
Sainte-ChapelleParis, France
The Arch of ConstantineRome, Italy
Charlemagne's Palatine ChapelAachen, Germany
Stoa of Attalos II at the Athenian AgoraAthens, Greece
Buonarroti's work on San Lorenzo (façade, sacristy)Florence, Italy
Basilica Nova (Basilica of Mexentius and Constantine)Rome, Italy
Basilica UlpiaRome, Italy
Chartes CathedralChartres, France
San VitaleRavenna, Italy
Lion's GateMycenae, Greece
Mnesikles: PropylaeaAthens, Greece
Hagia SophiaIstanbul (Constantinople), Turkey
Palace at PersepolisPersepolis, Persia (p.d. Iran)
San Giorgio MaggioreVenice, Italy
Basilica at TrierTrier, Germany
The Great SphynxGiza, Egypt
Temple of Hera IPaestum, Italy
Foundling HospitalFlorence, Italy
Villa Rotonda (Villa Capra)Vicenza, Italy
Notre Dame de LaonLaon, France
King Minos' PalaceKnossos, Crete, Greece
Cola da Caprarola at Santa Maria della ConsolazioneTodi, Italy
Dome of Santa Maria della FioreFlorence, Italy
Citadel at TirynsTiryns, Greece
Khufu's (Cheops') PyramidGiza, Egpyt
The Laurentian Library VestibleFlorence, Italy
ColosseumRome, Italy
Newgrange Passage GraveCounty Meath, Ireland
Temple of Amun at KarnakKarnak, Thebes, Egypt
St-EtienneCaen, France
San AndreaMantua, Italy
Hypostyle Hall of Temple Amun at KarnakKarnak, Thebes, Egypt
Baths of DiocletianRome, Italy
White TempleUruk, Mesopotamia (p.d. Iraq)
ErechtheumAthens, Greece
StonehengeSalisbury Plain, Wiltshire, England
Maison CarréeNîmes, France
Great Altar of ZeusPergamon, Turkey (former Greek Empire)
The Arch of TitusRome, Italy
Çatal HüyükAnatolia, Turkey
Athenian AgoraAthens, Greece
Mének Alignment of MenhirsCarnac, Brittany
Senmut: Mortuary Temple of Queen HatshepsutMemphis, Egypt
San MarcoVenice, Italy
Funerary Complex of King ZoserMemphis, Egypt
Palazzo Ruccelai façadeFlorence, Italy
Temple of Apollo BassaeAthens, Greece
Abbey Church of St-DenisParis, France
Domus Aurea (Golden House)Rome, Italy
The Parthenon (The Temple of Athena Parthenos)Athens, Greece
Augustus as ImperatorRome, Italy
Tempietto at San Pietro in MontorioRome, Italy
The AcropolisAthens, Greece
Piazza del CampidoglioRome, Italy
The Forum of TrajanRome, Italy
Khafre's (Chefren's) PyramidGiza, Egypt
Plan for St. Peter'sRome, Italy
ZigguratUr, Mesopotamia (p.d. Iraq)
Temple of Athena NikeAthens, Greece
Walls of JerichoJericho, Jordan
Loggia at the Palazzo della Ragione ('The Basilica')Vicenza, Italy

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